Darelle Holden

Music, vocals, This is a music website featuring  jazz, R&B, vocals. Based in seattle, but touring, recording, writing and performing....

 "no  press  kit  in  the  world  can  describe  darelle  holden." 

                                                                 Carol Banks Weber - Examiner

blend jazz with a funky groove and silky smooth vocals and you find Darelle Holden. darelle journey’s along a new musical path in a direction that crosses musical genres and as we listen we travel that path with her.  

once a professional background singer, ala, “20 Feet from Stardom”, touring and performing with artists such as Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and many more, darelle finds her own voice through solid song writing and arrangements that highlight her uniqueness.

in her recent release “Chance of Rain” darelle focuses her gaze inward to reflect upon metaphors which remind us the stuff of heartache and redemption is universal. in this ep groove and musicality is front and center and the final truth of each song......